''Eliza wrote a heartfelt piece in reference to my yogic practice. She was able to connect to my thoughts and feelings. Her words are light and fun, yet hit the spot.''

Becky Malherbe.

March 23,2020

"When the world seems to be upside down and everything is so uncertain, it’s a wondrous thing to have a little piece of written joy pop into your inbox. Eliza’s poems are a thing of beauty and are both somehow a respite from, and a reflection of, everything that’s going on right now. "

Dr Sam Cryer

March, 25,2020.

''It’s a beautifully personal, honest account of a person. The fact that both poet and muse know one another in real life means that the truth in the words and sounds and setting feels all the more potent, and makes for both gentle, sensitive reading but also bring a real tough, visceral understanding of the subject’s life. The language and images used seem to talk of a person with depth, someone  with a complex, multi-dimensional character, who although potentially a strong person, their weaknesses are ever-present. The use of words like ‘grows’, ‘branches’, ’soil’, ’sand’, ‘unearthing’, ‘buried’ and ‘land’ evokes images of someone with a weighted and rooted core, a person with gravity, who carries his or herself with a robust intensity. However, juxtaposed with the offering of a question at the beginning, there is also an uncertainty - cracks in the armours. The repetition of the question as a statement towards the end of the poem appears to show that the narrator begun this relationship not knowing the answers but through experience has come to understand and ascertain for his or herself the way in which this person works. There has been a  journey through past, present and future, culminating in an empowering couplet that assures the subject that the bond between them is still there despite past trials and tribulations. It’s a humane poem, with the narrator being the one who will finally be doing the nurturing. It feels like there has been a role reversal, and this poem brilliantly and tenderly conveys that.''

Olivier Huband. 

Requested a Sonnet on March 30,2020.

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